Products in the clinic and a discovery pipeline for the future

Our current focus is on two inter-related programmes in oncology and wound healing that have significant market potential as human and animal medicines.

By diversifying and co-developing our portfolio in these two therapeutic areas for both human and animal health we:

  • Leverage data from our veterinary clinical trials that are treating 'real-world' disease to provide solid proof-of-concept of our drug candidates before they move to the human clinic, significantly de-risking our human programmes; and,
  • Create the opportunity to generate early, significant and repeatable revenue from the more rapid path to market of veterinary products, which we reinvest into our longer-term, higher-value human programmes.

For the future, our proprietary EcoLogic™ discovery platform provides opportunities to identify new molecular scaffolds from nature with potential applications in human and veterinary medicine. 

The first of these future areas, a discovery stage programme for next generation antibiotics that target bacterial virulence, is ready to progress into development once our current clinical products are commercialised.

Our current focus is on oncology and wound healing