Patient Human Clinical Trial Inquiries

QBiotics is sponsoring two first-time-in-human clinical trials of EBC-46 that are being conducted at centres in Australia only (Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide). The trials are recruiting patients with cancers located in their cutaneous or subcutaneous tissues, lymph nodes that are accessible to direct injection (not neck), and those with tumours in the mouth and nose. Internal cancers are not being treated in these trials.  Information on the two clinical trials can be found at by entering "QBiotics" into the search window.

People interested in participating should discuss the EBC-46 clinical trials with their oncologist. If the oncologist agrees that the studies are suitable, then the oncologist should contact Rodney Cusack, on +61 7 3870 8933, for details of the closest clinical trial site and Principal Investigator.

Please note that:

  • QBiotics is not involved in assessing patients or recommending eligibility – this is something only the independent treating clinicians can determine.
  • QBiotics staff are unable to discuss any aspects of these trials with potential patients and unfortunately we cannot respond to emails or phone requests for information about these clinical trials from the general public.