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QBiotics Group is an Australian life sciences company that is inspired by nature to improve human and animal health. The discovery entity EcoBiotics was founded in 2000 and pharmaceutical development in QBiotics commenced in 2009.

Our research and development program is based on compounds derived from the Australian tropical rainforest. Our product focus addresses unmet medical needs for humans and companion animals. We are currently concentrating on the global health priority areas of cancer, specifically solid tumours, and chronic wound management.

Our oncology product, tigilanol tiglate (EBC-46), is a new approach to the treatment of solid tumour cancers. Results from human and veterinary clinical trials are supporting the drugs significant potential as an anticancer treatment. Development of tigilanol tiglate is making sound progress and plans are already underway for marketing the veterinary drug in the USA, UK and Europe. Our wound healing product, EBC-1013, is addressing the problem of chronic wounds in a totally new way. Preclinical and early veterinary clinical development with EBC-1013 is looking promising.



Unlocking the Potential of Evolution

Our tropical rainforests are highly diverse environments that have evolved over millions of years, producing complex interdependencies between plants and animals. QBiotics' drug discovery and development process harnesses this rich biodiversity. We discover, develop and commercialise pharmaceutical products by unlocking the potential created by evolution.

Core to our current and future success is our proprietary knowledge-based approach to drug discovery from nature - EcoLogic™.


QBiotics' approach to discovery of new biologically active chemicals from nature integrates:

  • Information about the distribution, habitats and ecological interactions of plants, animals and microbes of Australia’s tropical rainforests; with

  • A mechanistic understanding of plant defence, signalling and stress response chemistry.

Applying the scientific rigor of EcoLogic™ gives QBiotics a well-documented, clearly-defined and readily-defensible pathway to discovering new medicines and products.

Our EcoLogic™ discovery technology has a proven track record* as evidenced by the successful development of our anticancer drug, tigilanol tiglate.

EcoLogic™ achieves a significantly higher discovery success rate than any current or previous natural exploration program worldwide*. Consequently, future product discovery opportunities are wide-ranging given the diverse and novel chemistry underpinning ecological interactions in the Australian rainforests.

*Data on file QBiotics

Learn more about EcoLogic™


Therapeutic Focus

Research and development of novel small molecules for treating cancer (solid tumours) and managing wound healing are the current areas of focus for QBiotics. We develop our products simultaneously for the human and veterinary markets with the intent of providing our investors with early and long-term returns.

Proof-of-concept and clinical trials of our discovery and drug development pipeline have the objective to advance medical and personal care needs in a range of therapeutic areas including:

  • Oncology (solid tumours)
  • Wound healing
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Central nervous system disorders
  • Infectious diseases

Early & Rapid Commercialisation

Successfully bringing to market the outputs of our EcoLogic™ discovery process is central to the QBiotics commercial model. For our veterinary pharmaceuticals, QBiotics is directly managing the entire process from product development, clinical testing, product registration to marketing into key global markets including the USA and Europe. For human pharmaceuticals, QBiotics is managing product development through to Phase IIA/B clinical stage with plans to establish licensing arrangements with pharmaceutical companies to complete clinical development, product registration and marketing. QBiotics has an established collaboration agreement with a global market leader for the development of new non-pharmaceutical products (cosmetic ingredients, flavours and fragrances).

History & Major Milestones
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2000 Independant validation of discovery process EcoLogic™ and establishment of early product pipeline

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2002-2004 Access agreements to privately held rainforests signed for biodiscovery purposes

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2004 Access agreement to Queensland State governed rainforest signed

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2004 QBiotics Limited established

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2005 Discovery of anticancer compound tigilanol tiglate (EBC-46)

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2006 Tigilanol tiglate patents progress to examination phase in all major regions

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2006 Preclinical agreement with the LSE listed biotechnology company Antisoma

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2006 Cosmetics discovery agreement with Shiseido

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2007 Discovery agreement finalised with the German cosmetic ingredients, flavours and fragrance company - Symrise AG

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2008 Successful equine and canine clinical case studies of tigilanol tiglate

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2000-2009 AUD $25M private capital raised for EcoBiotics 

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2009 Neuroprotectant (Alzheimer's / cognitive decline in dogs) development program commenced

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2010-2016 AUD $50M private capital raised for QBiotics 

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2010-2014 Tigilanol tiglate patents granted in all major regions.
Tigilanol tiglate mechanism of action paper published.
Wound healing R&D program commenced

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2017 Merger of EcoBiotics and QBiotics to form the QBiotics Group

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2018 Virbac Marketing and Distribution Agreement – Veterinary – EU, UK and USA

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2018 Completion of Human Clinical Phase I/IIA trial

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2018 EMA regulatory submission of tigilanol tiglate as a treatment for canine MCT 


Our Mission

At QBiotics, it is our mission to continue to build a sustainable, profitable life sciences business with novel products derived from the unique biodiversity of Australia’s tropical rainforests with the goal of improving the medical care and quality of life of both humans and companion animals.

Our portfolio is derived from pristine rainforest environments and, as such, we are cognisant of the importance of conservation and the sustainable management of tropical rainforests.

QBiotics is dedicated to conserving and learning from nature in order to nurture humans and animals in medical need.

Our Values & Culture

At QBiotics, ethics based values and culture underpin long-term business success and responsible corporate citizenship. They are embedded into all aspects of our business and promote sustained creativity, productivity and excellence in business performance.

The values that we aspire to are:

  • Integrity where we strive to do what is right, applying the highest ethical standards to everything we do
  • Excellence and courage in the pursuit of innovation, in providing high-quality products and in delivering superior business results
  • Respect for people and diversity of opinion based on openness, honesty and individual integrity
  • Respect for human and animal patients with all being treated ethically and professionally
  • Respect for animals in research where only essential testing is undertaken and all animals are cared for during and after the research is completed
  • Care for the natural environment with attention to conservation and sustainable management of tropical rainforests, ensuring that all collections are made in an exemplary and environmentally responsible manner.

Our culture is team-based, collegial and fun. We aim to be true, passionate and purposeful about what we do and to celebrate being innovative and different.

QBiotics is growing and we are all focused on maintaining our culture and values as we do. We have a flat organisational structure which fosters collaboration, innovation and delivering investor return.

The Future

Looking Forward

QBiotics is a vibrant, ethical life sciences company built on commercial, scientific and operational rigor.

Our research and development is focused on areas of unmet medical need in major therapeutic areas of oncology, wound healing, inflammatory diseases and infectious diseases. We develop our products simultaneously for the human and veterinary markets to deliver early and long-term returns on investment.

Our proven EcoLogic™ discovery process enables us to confidently and efficiently identify new chemical entities that have long-term market and health potential to build a sustainable future.

Our current and future priorities are:

  • Discovery - Proof-of-concept and clinical trials in oncology (solid tumours), inflammatory diseases, infectious diseases and central nervous system disorders.
  • Development - Pharmaceutical products for solid tumours and wound healing for both humans and companion animals.
  • Commercialisation - Drive product development through to commercialisation
  • Grow company value
  • Deliver sound returns on investment

With discipline, smart partnering and focus, QBiotics is becoming a leading Australian life sciences company operating globally, while supporting the Australian economy and helping sustain and preserve Australia’s biodiverse tropical rainforests.

Corporate Governance

At QBiotics, sound corporate governance is critical to its success and to maintaining the trust and confidence of our shareholders, employees, customers, collaborators, suppliers and the broader community.

QBiotics has a corporate governance framework which guides our day-to-day operations in an efficient, transparent and ethical manner. The key documents that underpin our corporate governance framework are:

  1. Board Statement on Corporate Governance
  2. Employee Code of Conduct
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Environment & Sustainability Policy
  5. Risk Management Framework.