EBC-46 Results

Application of EBC-46 results in rapid tumour destruction with no apparent significant adverse effects at efficacious doses. The drug has demonstrated rapid and very strong efficacy in the destruction of a diverse range of tumour types in case studies performed by practicing veterinarians treating dogs, cats and horses. Tumour types successfully treated included mast cell tumours, melanomas, squamous cell carcinomas, adenocarcinomas, soft tissue sarcomas, myxosarcomas, nasosinal facial ulcerations and equine sarcoids.

A summary of the results is as follows:

  • All animals treated were considered by veterinary practitioners to have untreatable disease using current standards of care. Many of the animals treated were within weeks of being euthanised.
  • The vast majority of the animals treated responded well to the drug with tumours being ablated or significantly palliated.
  • Ease of treatment and low trauma of the treatment process with EBC-46 compared to surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.
  • The rapid speed at which the tumours were resolved and the comparatively minor discomfort this caused to the patient when treated with efficacious doses.
  • The lack of significant effects or longer term adverse events associated with the treatment.

Treatments to date have concentrated on cutaneous and subcutaneous tumours. However, the drug also has potential to treat a range of internally situated tumours where injection can be guided by imaging.