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QBiotics is an innovative life sciences company focusing on the discovery, development and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products revealed from the rich biodiversity found in Australian rainforests.

Core to our current and future success is our proprietary knowledge-based approach to drug discovery from nature EcoLogic™.


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QBiotics' approach to discovery of new biologically active chemicals from nature integrates:

  • Information about the distribution, habitats and ecological interactions of plants, animals and microbes of Australia’s tropical rainforests; with
  • A mechanistic understanding of plant defence, signalling and stress response chemistry.

Applying the scientific rigour of EcoLogic™ gives QBiotics a well-documented, clearly defined and readily defensible pathway to discovery of new medicines and products.

Our EcoLogic™ discovery technology has a proven track record*, evidenced by successful development of our anticancer pharmaceutical tigilanol tiglate. Ecologic™ achieves a significantly higher discovery success rate than any current or previous natural exploration programme worldwide*.  Consequently, future product discovery opportunities are wide-ranging given the diverse and novel chemistry underpinning ecological interactions in the Australian rainforests.

QBiotics has established benefit sharing agreements with the Queensland state government and private landholders that are compliant with the United Nations Convention on Biodiversity and the Nagoya Protocol. These agreements give QBiotics:

  • Access to more than 1 million hectares of diverse Australian rainforests, from humid coastal lowlands to mountain cloud forests; and
  • Unencumbered ownership of all intellectual property associated with its discovery process using EcoLogic™.

*Data on file QBiotics