Veterinary Clinical Trial Inquiries

Thank you for your interest in EBC-46 which is currently in late-stage clinical evaluation for treatment of mast cell tumours and soft tissue sarcomas in dogs.  

Please note that:

  • EBC-46 is not yet registered as a veterinary medicine and consequently we are not able to make the drug available to treat either compassionate or general use cases of animal cancer.
  • We are currently not actively recruiting patients for veterinary clinical trials in Australia and we are unable to respond to public enquiries or accept any expressions of interest for potential patients.

We appreciate that cancer amongst our companion animals is a very difficult and distressing time for owners and families.  We are working hard to advance EBC-46 as quickly as possible through the formal veterinary medicine application and registration process with Government agencies so that EBC-46 can be widely available to treat animals in need in the USA, Europe and Australia.