QBiotics is an Australian life sciences company founded in 2004, inspired by nature to improve human and animal health. We aim to be true, passionate and purposeful about what we do and to celebrate being innovative and different.

The values that we hold ourselves to are:
  • Excellence and courage in the pursuit of innovation, in providing high-quality products and in delivering superior business results
  • Respect for people and diversity of opinion based on openness and honesty
  • Integrity, doing what is right, applying the highest ethical standards to everything we do
  • Respect for human and animal patients with all being treated ethically and professionally
  • Respect for animals in research where only essential testing is undertaken and all animals are cared for during and after the research is completed
  • Care for the natural environment with attention to conservation and sustainable management of tropical rainforests, ensuring that all collections are made in an exemplary and environmentally responsible manner

Our future looks amazing and if you want to make a difference, we would love you to join us. If you feel you are the right fit for QBiotics, please review our vacancies below.

Current opportunities



Currently, no opportunities are available.